The Bonaparte system can be procured quickly as we have as standard contract that does not require any legal work from our side. If the standard contract is not suitable for your organisation, we of course are willing to negotiate a custom contract form.

In order to enable customers to familiarize themselves with Bonaparte we offer access to a fully functional demonstration version, please refer to the section Demonstration Version at the end of this page.

Standard Licence & Support Contract

The standard contract is a Subscription type of contract that bundles both the licence and maintenance and support in a single package. Please note that this is not a cloud service; the system runs on the customer′s premises and can run completely isolated from the Internet (except during the remote installation part).

This contract has an minimum initial duration of 2 years. After the initial term the contract can be extended yearly (pricing may vary). The customer has the right to use the software and any associated contract materials as long as there is a valid subscription in place.

The following are the main points for a standard licence and support contract:

  • Licence and maintenance and support are bundled and are inseparable
  • Initial term duration of two years
  • Yearly extendable
  • Usage rights as long as there is a valid subscription (e.g. this is not a perpetual licence)
  • Subscription is valid for a single organisational location
  • Valid for a single production installation, additional non-production systems such as DEV, TEST, TRAIN are allowed
  • No sublicencing allowed
  • Updates/upgrades are included, this means that new technologies and features from the roadmap will become available at no extra cost
  • Remote support (email, video/phone call) is included.
  • Support max 40 hours per year during Dutch office hours and Dutch working days, 40 weeks per year
  • Calamity response time is 5 working days
  • One-time online training 2 × 2 hours is included
  • A one-time remote installation via ssh is included (note that any additional systems have to be installed by the customer)
  • Dutch law is applicable
  • Pricing and payment in Euro
  • No tender or bidding procedures
  • No local (legal) representatives
  • No requirements on liability, insurance etc.
  • Terms and conditions as set out in Nederland ICT Terms and Conditions apply
For different requirements, please see the custom contract options.

Please note that integration, data migration etc are additional services not included in the standard contract, please see the applicable section below. For additional services it is not necessary to negotiate a custom contract.

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Custom Licence & Support Contract

If you have specific requirements that are not covered by our standard contract terms, we can negotate a custom contract form. In this case please contact us with your specific requirements and if possible a description of the intended usage such as example how many labs or locations, etc.

Please contact us with your specific requirements »
Additional Services

We also offer additional services that are not included in the standard package because not all customers require these. Additional services is everything not include in the standard contract. This includes services like

  • System integration (SSO, data synchronisation with external systems, etc)
  • Customisation or corporate branding
  • User privileges configuration (data layout and access privileges for user groups)
  • Data migration
Additional services are billed at our hourly rate, unless agreed otherwise.

Demonstration Version

In order for you to assess if a Bonaparte system is a solution to your organisation′s issues, we have several dedicated Bonaparte servers available for evaluation purposes. You can use your own data on these machines. These systems can be accessed with a web browser, it is not necessary to install anything.

Please contact us via email or phone for obtaining access to an evaluation version. A short online tutorial to get you started will be provided.

demo screen
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